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Alumni & Client Achievements

The following is a partial list of accomplishments and achievements by PageCraft alumni and clients, verified to the best of our ability.

** = Project workshopped with PageCraft.

Rebecca Louise Miller (2021 & 2023 online workshops)

Winner, Rooster Teeth Women & Animation Fellowship Award at the Austin Film Festival (2021) for Green-Wood: An Animated Series.**

Kate Marks (2020 Concept to Pages; consulting client)

Winner, Nicholl Fellowship (2020), for The Cow of Queens.**

Drew Robinson (2023 California Lab scholarship; online workshops)

David Llauger Meiselman (5 Italy Retreats; 2023 California Lab; online workshops)

For The Tunnel: Interview with a Monster**: Winner, Best Screenplay, Brooklyn International Shorts Award (Summer 2023). Finalist, Washington Film Awards (Summer 2023). Semifinalist, San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival (July 2023). Semifinalist, Palm Beach Shorts (July 2023).

Chantelle James (online workshops; consulting client)

  • For A Thousand Times A Day:** Directors Choice Award, Austin Revolution Film Festival (2023). Gold Remi Award, Worldfest Houston International Film Festival (2023). Best Texas Short, Topaz Film Festival (2023). Festival Treasure Award, Catalina Film Festival (2023). Semifinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards (2020)
  • For Love, From Ellie:** Best Contest Screenplay Short Film, Reel East Texas Film Festival (2023). Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Film Fund (Fall 2023)

Jeff Goldstein (2019 Italy Retreat; online workshops; consulting client)

Nitzan Mager (online workshops)

Grand Jury Prize, Narrative Short Film, Independent Film Festival Boston (2023), for Run Amok.**

Donna Bonilla Wheeler (online workshops)

For Natalia Rising:** Semifinalist, Dallas International Film Festival Screenwriting Competition (2023). Official selection, Richmond International Film Festival (2023).

Emilie Sabath (2020-1 online workshops)

Semifinalist, Historical Film category, PAGE Awards (2022) for While the Trees Sleep.**

Mariana Santangelo (2020-21 online workshops)

Semifinalist, Historical Film category, PAGE Awards (2022) for Sylvia & Company.**

Natalie Hunter (2018 Italy Retreat; online workshops)

Finalist, WeScreenplay Features Contest (2022) for I Do.**

Katie Austin (online workshops)

Winner, Best Comedy Short, IndieX Film Fest (February 2021), for Aubergine.**

Jude Lutz (2020 Concept to Pages & Writing is Rewriting workshops)

Winner, TV Half-Hour Pilot, Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest (2020), for Pivot.**

Matthew Conlin (consulting client)

Winner, Best Comedy Feature, Nashville Film Festival for Not My Emergency (2020).**

Liz Hara (2013 Italy Retreat)

  • Staff Writer, Ninjago and Ninjago: Dragons Rising (2022-2024)
  • Staff Writer, Marvel’s (2021-2023)
  • Two-time Emmy Winner for screenwriting, Sesame Street (2018 & 2020)
  • Staff Writer, Helpsters (2019-20)
  • Staff Writer, Life in Pieces, Season 3 (2017-18)
  • Winner, 3rd ATX Pitch Competition, ATX Television Festival (June 2015) for Bully.**

Chandra Gerson (consulting client)

  • Best Feature Screenplay, Gold Award, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival (2020), for Avarice.**
  • Best Feature Screenplay, Gold Award, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival (2019); Best Feature Screenplay, Glendale International Film Festival (2019); and Top 20 Finalist, Catalina Film Festival (2019), for And Then There Was Us.**
  • Best Feature Screenplay nominee, Burbank International Film Festival (2019); and Finalist, Screenplay Festival (2018), for Impaired Innocence.**
  • Best Feature Screenplay, Silver Award, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival (2019); Best Screenplay of the Month, Los Angeles Film Awards (2019), for Law and Deceit.**

Peadar Mitchell (consulting client)

Gold Award, International Independent Film Awards (2020), for Escaping Lagos.**

Nicole Williams (2017 & 2018 Italy Retreats)

Writer & Director, Super Sexy Sexy Superhero (2018), at Second City Hollywood.

Aisling Corristine (2011 Italy Retreat)

  • Table Read My Screenplay – Top Ten winner (2016) for Rook.
  • Pulsar Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest – Original Screenplay Semifinalist (October 2012) for The Colony.
  • A/EXPOSURE Monthly Script Contest – 3rd Place (July 2012) for The Prairie Boys**

Fredrik Agetoft (2014 & 2017 Italy Retreat)

  • Screenwriter, Arne Dahl: Mörkertal & Arne Dahl: Eye in the Sky miniseries (2015)
  • Screenwriter, En delad värld TV series, episodes 1-8 (2015).

Nanou Matteson (2008 & 2009 Italy Retreat)

  • Winner, Audience Favorite Choice Award Narrative Feature: Comedy at Cinequest San Jose Film Festival (2016); and Winner, Best Male Performance at Gasparilla International Film Festival (2016) for Remember Me (as producer & executive producer).
  • Winner, Audience Award Best Narrative Feature, Naples International Film Festival (November 2014) for East Side Sushi (as script consultant & line producer). Numerous other awards for East Side Sushi are listed here.

Myra Noveck (2008 Italy Retreat)

Quarterfinalist, StoryPros International Screenplay Contest (November 2014) for The Depth.

Bill Abelson (2013 Italy Retreat)

Winner, Best Feature Screenplay, Harlem International Film Festival (September 2014) for The Blacktivist.

Alana Kornfeld (2013 Italy Retreat)

Winner, 2nd ATX Pitch Competition, ATX Television Festival (June 2014) for Cracking Royalty.**

Lea Toulon Black (2011 Italy Retreat)

  • UCLA Screenwriters Showcase Television Winner (2013) for Kauai High.
  • Women in Film Award (2012) for Liquid Adrenaline.**

Annie LaBarba (2008 & 2009 Italy Retreat)

  • Austin Film Festival Semifinalist in Screenplay-Drama (2012) for Havana Rules.
  • Banal Probe: Tumblr blog on script reading and screenwriting.

Lisa Caruso (2009 & 2014 Italy Retreat)

  • Official Selection Dances with Films Shorts Competition (2012) for TKO.
  • Audience Award, Broad Humor Film Festival (2012) for TKO.
  • Executive Producer, 6 episodes of Operation Wild (2010).
  • Executive Producer, 12 episodes of Living with Ed (2009-2010).
  • Executive Producer, 33 episodes of Emeril Green (2008-2011).

Evette Vargas (2008 & 2009 Italy Retreat)

  • First Place in the NYU Tisch West Alumni Web Series Competition, an NBC/UNI production award, and an official selection of the WGA Writer/Director Showcase (July 2012) for Dark Prophet.

We have verified all of the above to the best of our ability, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page.