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Testimonials from Alumni and Clients

"Heidi quickly clears out the clutter and helps you identify your character’s defining traits and the seven-point structure essential for telling your story. I got more accomplished in one three-hour session with her than I had in years. I had the tools I needed to flesh out a ten-page outline in three days. I highly recommend Heidi as a mentor or writing coach if you want to find the magic in your story and get your script written!”

Sara Nesson
Oscar and Emmy-Nominated filmmaker (Poster Girl); Los Angeles, California

"I love you guys! You made writing this script so fun and free, and helped me get out of my own way. I've talked up PageCraft to so many writers ... I just want everyone to have access to these tools.”

Rebecca Louise Miller
Winner, Rooster Teeth Women & Animation Fellowship Award at the Austin Film Festival; New York, New York

"Using what I’ve learnt from Heidi and PageCraft, I rigorously interrogate any script I’m offered, to make sure it’s working as best it can. Only then do I think about how I’m going to direct it."

Michael Davies
BAFTA and RTS award-winning director and writer; Bristol, United Kingdom

After countless writing groups, workshops, and an MFA, PageCraft brought my story back to life. I came in with a challenging story, one that has never left my mind for ten years. I honestly thought that the screenplay just might be beyond my storytelling abilities. Not so. Heidi showed me foundational work and questions that I had never even thought about. The class pushed me to clarify and encouraged me to keep going. Heidi meets you where you are, holds you accountable, gives you new tools, inspires you to dig deeper, and helps you go further than you thought you could. I really can't recommend this workshop enough.

Emilie SabathWriter & Director; Altadena, California

Page Craft took me in a journey through my own story and gave me the structure and the tools I needed to clarify and focus. I loved meeting new people and listening to their stories. It was a safe and inspiring environment, and I am so grateful for the experience. I’m also realizing after the class that I am watching films in a new way with an extra story sense. Heidi and Carlo are a great team and made the learning process a positive experience.

Leslie Carrara-RudolphWriter/Performer (Sesame Street); New York, New York

I loved every moment... I came with an outline and a lot of questions, and by the end of the two weeks I had a completed one-hour pilot episode and a clear idea of what I wanted the entire project to look like. I loved how well our group collaborated; I got real experience breaking stories and brainstorming with other writers. Even though people had different levels of experience, we were all able to work together, and the individual attention and feedback we received allowed us to develop our projects at our own pace.

Liz HaraThree-time Emmy Winner; Los Angeles, California

I was hitting many blocks. This program allowed me to get back on a track I was completely derailed from, supported by wonderful mentors, surrounded by writers who pushed me, and in an inspiring place. I learned so much, my writing improved immensely and I approach character so differently now. There was nothing better than being able to sit AND WRITE. I felt seen, appreciated and encouraged. Thank you for the support, thank you for hearing my voice, and thank you for an opportunity to breathe and fully immerse myself into the creative process.

Kimberly DivadWriter, Director, Actor; Los Angeles, California (Scholarship Recipient)

The individual attention given to each student in the class was impressive. With Pagecraft I went to Italy, took Concept to Pages and Writing is Rewriting various times, and in one year, I have fixed and finalized two screenplays, and am working on a third. I never received this type of guidance from any other coach I worked with. Thank you Pagecraft.

Jeff GoldsteinWriter & Actor; New York, New York

As a writing coach, Heidi is a perfect mix of carrot and stick: curious, laser-sharp intuition, great script notes... highly recommend her workshops.

Carey PetersonWriter, Editor & Conservationist; Namibia

Working with PageCraft has transformed my writing. I am so grateful to both Heidi and Carlo for their patience and expert guidance as I've worked through both a short film and now my first TV script with them. I tell every writer I know to take their courses!

Katie AustinActor & Writer; San Francisco, California

This is by far the most comprehensive workshop I have ever taken, excellent for beginners and pros. The best part is you get to see your work and experience others on a week by week basis to where everything is dissected and reassembled in real time. I have watched folks come in with a thought or an idea, and leave with a complete screenplay... amazing! Thank you for showing this “old dog” he can still do some new tricks.

David Llauger MeiselmanWriter, Director & Producer; Los Angeles, California

I enjoyed the group experience of the PageCraft workshop, Heidi and Carlo guided the discussions effortlessly and with structural expertise, and the group of people had varied themes and genres, which was so inspiring. It was a safe space to create and ideate, and a great way to spend nine Saturdays. Highly recommended if you've always had a script in your head and you need the motivation to get it out – good stuff will happen in this (virtual) room.

Courtney DusenberryWriter & Scenic Artist; Tucson, Arizona

An adventure like none other. The [retreat] location is breathtaking and the workshop is set up to accommodate all writing/working styles. You can find a new nook or corner to write in every day, or go settle into a cafe. The time is structured but also flexible, offering plenty of instruction and workshop time. Our workshop could not have been more perfect. We worked hard, we played hard, and six months later I still wake up wishing I was going to see everyone over coffee.

Lisa SeipelWriter & Creative Consultant; Los Angeles, California

PageCraft gave me the confidence and tools needed to write a story I’m excited about. Heidi and Carlo and amazing coaches and help you develop your craft with keen insight and honest actionable feedback. I wrote, made friends, and learned new writing skills to help me progress in other projects. I can't wait to join them again!

Aimee OrtizWriter & Award-Winning Creative Director; San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not only was I provided with the tools needed to write a rich, purposeful story but I loved the process. Heidi and Carlo was attentive to not only the group, but to our individual needs and recognized how each of us learned and processed information. By doing so, every person in the class was able to have epiphanies about their scripts.

Chanessa Richa'rdWriter, Director & Actor; Los Angeles, California

This class was amazing. I feel that my script has improved exponentially! I looked forward to class each and every week and not a minute was wasted in our class time. Without a doubt my writing technique has improved from taking this course.

Ronnetta RenayActor, Director & Writer; Baltimore, Maryland (Scholarship Recipient)

The workshop continually tested the hypothesis that was my screenplay idea, poking and prodding to see where it is airtight and where it’s leaking. And then provided the necessary tools to patch or reconfigure altogether.

Nitzan MagerFilmmaker & Writer; Brooklyn, New York

I love the candid feedback each week from the two instructors, as well as the very diverse group of writers who all bring wonderful perspective and varying levels of expertise to the table. I love that what we learn is 100% practical and repeatable in the writing process. Every week, I look forward to the workshop and the accountability it provides has helped me tremendously to finish my scripts. I feel so lucky to have found this workshop and this group of writers as a constant resource and support in my life.

Morgan GriceScreenwriter; Los Angeles, California

Even as a filmmaker who has made a feature before, it’s easy to feel lost when starting a new project. It's sometimes hard to set aside time to write and focus and live in a story. Pagecraft allows you to do this, and helps guide both new and seasoned writers to make their scripts the best they can be.

Josh KimWriter & Director; Seoul, South Korea

I was very appreciative of this workshop, because the instructions were fun and informative. I felt like I learned a lot of things that I simply didn't/couldn't from reading or watching videos. Having this being taught as a class with a schedule was also something that was very beneficial to me as a writer.

J. WynonaWriter; New York, New York (Scholarship Recipient)

Pagecraft’s screenwriting retreat was a breath of fresh air for my writing. Heidi and Carlo offer the insights and tools to build your writing practice. I was surrounded by a group of fellow writers who were enthusiastic and supportive and the beautiful landscape was the perfect inspiration to dig into my own story and write. Highly recommend, game changer for my writing journey!

Drew RobinsonScreenwriter & Teacher; Tulsa, Oklahoma (Scholarship Recipient)

PageCraft provides creative, supportive coaching with both weekly guidance and instruction. It's so valuable to have fellow storytellers help guide and protect the characters as they make their way to the page.

Caryn DrakeWriter & Post Production Supervisor; Los Angeles, California

I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who wants to be a better screenwriter, because she gives you the full benefit of her education, experience and humanity – and every moment of working with her is useful. She works based on solid principles which she makes known to you, so you know for yourself from draft-to-draft how to improve your script and if it’s getting better. If you write from a different cultural/gender/generational perspective than hers, as I do, no worries. She’s fearless. Heidi’s got the human intelligence to dive into your story, ask the right questions, and help you mine the gold.

Michael MackWriter & Actor (Star Trek: The Next Generation); Washington, DC

PageCraft helped me finally begin my journey and truly put something out in the world. They truly care about their students and access to arts education as they have a wonderful scholarship program that benefits people who would otherwise not have access to it. I am forever grateful to them and look forward to continuing to study with them and sharpen my skills.

Elena EsterActor & Writer; New York, New York (Scholarship Recipient)

I loved that although everyone came from a different concept into one class, we were able to grow together as a group. The notes and feedback given were specific yet universal. I entered with doubt about my abilities and left with confidence in certain areas that I hadn’t considered before. Lots offline work on structure, great practice for this self-taught writer.

Jamie DonmoyerWriter, Producer, Director & Performer; New York, New York

I love the generosity of the program. I think Heidi is a fabulous, kind and insightful teacher. I love that we get office hours during the week to talk about any blocks that we may have. That was so valuable and unique to PageCraft.

Kenyetta RaelynScreenwriter; New York, New York (Scholarship Recipient)

The detail that goes into developing a truly strong script was lost on me. I got the scaffolding previously, but PageCraft taught me how to design the rest of my craft/story. For that I'm grateful.

Erik WadeWriter & Teacher; Los Angeles, California (Scholarship Recipient)

PageCraft's retreat was so good, I'm already planning to go again. The setting was incredible and then to have two weeks to work on a creative project, meet other writers, and help each other under the guidance of a seasoned industry writer, was magic. I can't recommend it enough. It was the perfect creative getaway.

Ally KornfeldWriter & Producer; Los Angeles, California

PageCraft helped me uplevel the first draft of my screenplay. I learned some great storytelling tools as well as sharpened my formatting skills. Heidi and Carlo are thoughtful and generous teachers. Can't wait to come back!

Candice HoldorfScreenwriter & Author; Oakland, California (Scholarship Recipient)

This class literally changed my life. For years I’ve been struggling with where to begin, how to put my ideas on pages. This class has given me the confidence to actually write. Heidi’s guidance is heaven sent. Carlo’s criticism is truly eye opening. Having other writers like me in class made me comfortable enough to share my questions and struggles.

Anne Alfred AbdallaWriter, Director & Actor; Cairo, Egypt (Scholarship Recipient)

Heidi and Carlo’s teachings and guidance helped many of us finally break story and move quickly into outlining and writing pages on solid ground while helping us to retain our unique voices. I can’t express how satisfying that was. Having worked with many writing coaches, I found Heidi, with her lightning wit and her ability to gently pinpoint not only what wasn’t working but how to fix it, super generous as a teacher and so very precious.

Bella ShingWriter, Director & Producer; Santa Cruz, California

WOW! I want to thank you for all your excellent coverage and notes on the script; they were timely and helpful in shaping one our next projects. As a member of the core team of an award-winning “short to feature” film, we know first-hand how critical it is to nail down a script that rises above the average noise. Your recommendations have made it easy for us to communicate with our screenwriter and get the results we want. We’re really grateful for you taking the time! Bravo!

Anna GranucciProducer, Music Supervisor & Consultant (Whiplash); Los Angeles, California

Such clear explanations around structure and process; and how to making writing stand out as concise and powerful… Supportive and useful environment, resources, tools and feedback to keep us going.

Donna Bonilla WheelerWriter & Director; Los Angeles, California (Scholarship Recipient)

Heidi and Carlo are both able to quickly hone in on what works and doesn't in a story, and steer a writer to see that for themselves.

Hasmi FergusonWriter & Animation Producer; Vancouver, Canada

I highly recommend taking a PageCraft workshop if you have any level of interest in screenwriting! Heidi and Carlo are wonderful guides, and you'll get the structure of writing a script within the course that is accessible and manageable. You'll be delighted by how much you'll learn and how far your idea will develop when you take this course!

Sarah MoshmanWriter & Emmy-Winning filmmaker; Los Angeles, California

After doing Concept to Pages, I turned in my first draft of my screenplay [and was told] it was ready for market. I believe the strong outline I developed with PageCraft was the reason.

Phoenix BlackScreenwriter; Sydney, Australia (Scholarship Recipient)

The screenwriting retreat in Italy with PageCraft was the opportunity of a lifetime. I lived in a different country, met a completely different cast of people that will remain in a special place in my heart, and learned new things about myself and my abilities. I come back to New York as a more confident, happier, and motivated woman ready to take the world on by storm.

Natalie HunterScreenwriter & Entertainment Reporter; New York, New York

I loved that the workshop supported all of our voices, which were very different, and encouraged us to do what we could when we could. There was no pressure to be perfect but we were given deadlines to meet and it pushed us. Having a deadline every week prompted me to write more, and I think I grew as a result of it. I definitely became more confident about my script as the weeks went by.

Monique HayesScreenwriter; Chicago, Illinois (Scholarship Recipient)

In a manner that is fun, relaxed and yet serious about the craft, one is exposed to the essential screenwriting skillset from two of the coolest instructors around.

Matt DorseyWriter, Editor & Musician; Anaheim, California

I'm very impressed with Heidi and Carlo's expertise in screenwriting and storytelling. They're adept at teaching film structure and solving story problems. I find their feedback often on point. Heidi and Carlo's approach to invest in foundational character development helped me to create strong multidimensional characters and more compelling stories…. I wrote two feature screenplays that blossomed with Heidi’s guidance. The stories and the characters found their authentic voices. I find that refreshing and freeing as a writer, to have someone willing and open to explore the characters and the story world in an authentic way.

Maribel ApuyaWriter & Educator; Las Vegas, Nevada (Scholarship Recipient)

Excellent workshop for writers wanting to get their story started the right way. PageCraft's teachings on structure are by far the easiest to understand that I have come across. Heidi and Carlo bring together their group of students in an atmosphere of support and non-judgmental comfort, helping us to realize that bad writing is part of the process of getting to good writing! I’d highly recommended this class to any writer.

Chantelle JamesFilmmaker & Founder, Lady Alchemist Films; Austin, Texas

Incredibly rigorous and creative. The professional level of peer review and the private office hours put the focus on wrangling a first draft into a saleable second. I attended [the retreat twice], and produced two second drafts in entirely different genres, both of which got intensive story notes, scene work inspiration and simplification that turned two first draft haystacks into fully realized scripts. It is an unbelievably worthwhile experience.

Annie LaBarbaScreenwriter & Story Consultant; Oakland, New Jersey

I had taken a class, forced myself into a writers' group, and tried to do it on my own. But this class finally got me to finish my pilot.

Dhaya LakshminarayananStand-Up Comedian & Screenwriter; San Francisco, California (Scholarship Recipient)

Heidi and Carlo bring together their group of students in an atmosphere of support and non-judgmental comfort, helping us to realize that bad writing is part of the process of getting to good writing and everybody does it!

John AndrewsWriter, Producer & Teacher; Los Angeles, California

Thank you! It’s very clear to me that if you didn’t love Billie and Lizzy and had the patience to walk an absolute newbie through a lot of questions and fears, this would NEVER have happened. I still remember vividly the feeling of writing that email crying for help because the feedback was like: cut Lizzy short. And THE SMILE when you answered and was like, yup. Got it.

Johanna SalloumWriter & Nicholl Quarterfinalist; France

PageCraft gave me the structure and the tools to understand the story and the characters at the heart of my screenplay, which made all the difference when it came to writing the first draft. I loved the group input, and what a group! It was an honor to be with all of them. The teaching and professional critique from Carlo and Heidi is invaluable.

Tina BattWriter; Oakland, California

This workshop enabled me to bring my character to life and write a much stronger script than I ever could have created on my own.

Mika SuganoWriter; Chicago, Illinois (Scholarship Recipient)

PageCraft gave me the confidence to try on the writer's hat that I haven't had the confidence to put on in years!

Lela Meadow-ConnerProducer/Writer & Founder, mamafilm; Wichita, Kansas

Very supportive class with techniques that can be applied to new scripts and rewriting.

Kenya CollinsScreenwriter & Novelist; Castlerock, Colorado (Scholarship Recipient)

I never thought I could commit to 10 weeks of classes but boy, am I glad I did! Before this class, I had been sitting on an idea for years but didn't have the tools to know where to even begin. After the 10 weeks, I actually see what my next steps are and feel like I have a community of accountability to keep going! This class is a no brainer for anyone who wants to start putting a story on a page.

Heidi BurkeyWriter & Documentary Director/Producer; Los Angeles, California

The two weeks in Orvieto were magical. Within a day it felt like we were all meant to be on this adventure together. The classes were productive and fun, the workload meaningful but manageable. [PageCraft] offered great guidance re: material, story structure, and tone. In my case, it became clear that what I thought was a pretty polished screenplay in fact needed re-working not just in structure, but that I also needed to shorten and focus scenes, and give major characters more depth.

Bill AbelsonWriter; Seattle, Washington

No matter how hustle-bustle your life is before you depart, by day two [of the retreat] distractions fade far, far away. Your inspiration returns, self-doubt dissipates and you get lost in the rhythm of writing, eating, conversing and walking through the hillsides. And if ever you falter in your creative vision, your fellow writers and mentors will take the time to sit you down, dust you off, and help get you back on track. By the end, you'll realize that this investment in you was well worth it.

Lisa CarusoProducer, Director & Writer; Los Angeles, California

The PageCraft Concept to Pages workshop was priceless for me in being able to break through a complex story in a safe, supportive, yet rigorously constructive space. I felt free to experiment and free to fail, certain that I was on track to gradually make this project better. I love being part of an ongoing community of such inspiring writers, and having the access to more courses and offerings to improve my work.

Samantha CulpWriter & Filmmaker; Los Angeles, California

What I love about PageCraft is how much I learned about writing a screenplay in a way I never had before, it's given me more confidence expressing my voice and developing my craft.

Danae GrandisonWriter, Director & Producer; Online Workshops

I came ambivalent about my screenwriting career, looking for an escape from the frenetic living in LA. I left inspired to pursue writing full time, enchanted by the sights, sounds, tastes, and people I befriended in the Italian countryside.

Chris HansonWriter & Producer; Los Angeles, California

Inspiring people, incredible place, amazing food. Best writing retreat in the world!

Lea ToulonScreenwriter; Los Angeles, California

As someone without a film degree, PageCraft's rewriting course was instrumental in fine tuning my rough draft. My confidence as a screenwriter blossomed along the way. Thank you Heidi and Carlo!

Sam GarvinWriter; Los Angeles, California

It was how I imagined the retreat to be (which rarely happens!!) -- a great learning environment and instruction.

Alexia KosmideAuthor, Educator & Documentary Filmmaker; Providence, Rhode Island

PageCraft is a necessity for anyone who wants to write. Heidi has a special way of helping you understand the structure Hollywood demands and so much more. She has a gift for making things that appear extremely difficult seem easy. Without her patience and guidance I would still be lost. I'm incredibly grateful for her services.

Chandra GersonScreenwriter; Burbank, California

My time far exceeded my expectations... I immediately became part of a welcoming, tight knit group that functioned as support network, fountains of inspiration, late night muses, and brilliant people that have remained a constant. [PageCraft] gave me the tools and confidence to embark on the next step of my writing journey, and I'm infinitely happier with the improvements in my writing. This isn't just a writing course, it's a life lesson.

Aisling CorristineScreenwriter; County Clare, Ireland

Thank you again for the thoughtful notes on the script. The conversation was great and just what I needed to get the thoughts flowing for the next draft.

Shawn GerrardScreenwriter

I loved the caring aspect of the class. It is well structured, provides great feedback and presents you with great tools to set you on a solid path to a great script. I absolutely recommend!

Paulina ManseauActor & Writer; Austin, Texas