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Meet the Mentors

Photo by F.R. Latimer.

Heidi Hornbacher

Lead mentor

Heidi loves helping artists bring their visions to life on page and screen. A graduate of UCLA’s screenwriting program, Heidi has written numerous features, treatments, and TV pilots for various studios and independent producers. She co-founded both the Slamdance Script Clinic and PageCraft, offering script coaching, workshops, and writing retreats in California, Italy, and online.

Heidi’s clients include Emmy winners, TV legends, and brand new writers, too. In 2022, Heidi began script development work with various writers for iGeneration Studios. Heidi is a frequent guest lecturer at Eastern New Mexico University‘s Department of Theatre and Digital Filmmaking, and she has judged for the Slamdance Film Festival screenwriting contest, the Page Awards, and The Writer’s Lab (presented by New York Women in Film and IRIS, with the support of Meryl Streep).

In addition, Heidi has written, directed, and produced numerous commercials, music videos, and other media for various artists. Her film, Arrow, won best short documentary at Malibu Film Festival in 2021. Her narrative short film, Washed Away, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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