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Live Pitching Seminar & Workshop

Leader: Alexandra Davies
Next Dates: to be announced
Time & Location: on Zoom, time to be announced

Every writer must know how to communicate their story in a concise, quick, and compelling way.

About the Workshop

Join us for a special live pitching seminar led by Alexandra Davies of Roadmap Writers.

In two sessions, you’ll learn the fundamentals of what makes a great live pitch, what to avoid, and how to leave them wanting more.

In the first session, we’ll cover how to build a successful pitch. Then you’ll have time to construct and practice your pitch. In the second session, an interactive workshop, up to 8 participants will pitch live and get feedback and fine-tuning from Alexandra.

Price: $29 or $69

$29 will register you for both sessions–you will be able to listen, ask questions, and participate in discussion.

The live pitches (with feedback) during the second session are limited to 8 participants, but all may listen. To claim one of the live pitching slots, you must register at the $69 rate. When the 8 live pitching slots sell out, you may still register for both sessions of the workshop at the $29 rate.

Registration: next date to be announced

This workshop runs periodically, and not on a set schedule. You may Contact Us to signal your interest; this will help with our scheduling.

Important Notes

  • Both sessions will be recorded. The pitching seminar will be available to all those who registered and paid. The second session will not be made available in full; only participants in the live pitching sessions will receive a recording, of their own pitches only.
  • We will email registered participants 5 to 7 days before the first session is scheduled to take place and a reminder the morning of each session.
  • If you do not see the email (please check your spam folder), or if you would prefer that we email you at a different address from the one you use to make payment, get in touch with us at After the cancellation deadline, we will not be able to accept a lost or overlooked email as a reason for a refund.
  • Cancellation Policy: You are entitled to a refund of your registration price minus 5% if you cancel by noon PT on the day of the seminar. We will not be able to provide refunds after that time.
Alexandra Davies

About Alexandra Davies

Alexandra holds a degree in English Literature from UCLA, which she earned while pursuing acting. As an actress for many years, she learned the ins and outs of character, story and entertainment first hand, both on stage and in front of the camera. As the Director of Education at Roadmap Writers, Alex strives to identify the most common hurdles writers face in developing their work and design classes, clinics, and webinars to address these issues. In addition, Alex is a writer with several scripts, a novel, a short film (produced during the AT&T Shape Create-A-Thon), and a webseries (coming soon!) under her belt. Prior to Roadmap, Alex worked in live events, law, and education.